Fratmen Gage

February 15, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Dark haired ripped muscle boy Fratmen Gage! Fratmen says: Dark haired ripped muscle boy Fratmen Gage is always a little shy at first in front of the camera. But he soon comes out of his shyness. This tall muscled stud humps the bed with his round fuckable ass pumping away at the pillows. See Fratmen Gage fully exposed here!

Fratmen Connor – second look

January 27, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Well, here is a blast from the past. The first time we saw Fratmen Connor over four years ago, he was just a fresh faced kid with a huge cock and the ambition to jerk it off for us. Now, the more mature, manly Connor has returned to us, and he brought his amazing cock with him! Check out his [Read Full Post]

All American Jock Fratmen Cason

January 24, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Fratmen Cason Pumping Iron! Fratmen says: Fratmen Cason isn’t from the islands and certainly isn’t a virgin. Cason is easily identified as an all american jock and this isn’t his first venture around the block. Get all American Jock Fratmen Cason video at Fratmen! Cason is a natural and being naked is an everyday part of his exhibitionism. A quick [Read Full Post]

Fratmen Heath – American Footballer

November 17, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

A light dusting of brown hair are the first thing to catch your eye! Fratmen says: Dark haired footballer hunk Fratmen Heath is pretty handy with a ball on the field. Back in the bedroom as he removes his jeans, you realise he’s pretty handy all over. As he removes his shirt Heath’s nicely defined abs with a light dusting [Read Full Post]

Fratmen Paris

October 14, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Fratmen Paris selfie didn’t disappoint!….. Fratmen says: It’s always fun to see how creative the guys get when we ask them to do a selfie shoot. Fratmen Paris selfie didn’t disappoint. See Fratmen Paris fully exposed here!

Fratmen Orion

October 12, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

There’s nothing like a well dressed city boy stripped from his element and tossed to the endeavors of a serene environment where exhibitionism prospers. Fratmen Orion is a prize for the eyes and a compliment to nature, with beautiful contrasting dark skin, soft round bubble butt and a hard muscular body paired with a pleasantly sized penis. Watch this stud [Read Full Post]

Fratmen Kip jerks off!

October 9, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Fratmen says: Nothing says “summer is just around the corner” better than spring training, and no sport’s equipment is easier to compare to the male anatomy than the bats and balls of baseball. So at the risk of ignoring his smooth firm butt, we’d like to encourage you to watch Fratmen Kip swing his big hard bat and knock his [Read Full Post]

Fratmen Keaton

October 5, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Almost a man Fratmen Keaton! Fratmen says: Fratmen Keaton bears an original look from when Fratmen first became. Very distinct yet taboo ink markings lined across a dense and rock hard body. Get Fratmen Keaton video at Fratmen! Although a bit mature looking, Keaton proves that his sex drive and horse like testosterone is kicking every bit as much the [Read Full Post]

Fratmen Avery

September 9, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

There is something special about those blue eyed boys that could carry on a conversation for hours only to have you dreaming what lies beneath that preppy yet concealing V-neck T-shirt and pair of denim jeans. Today Fratmen Avery rescues our fantasy to show us, just how gratifying that tease has been all this time. A slow jerk in the [Read Full Post]

Fratmen Sucks – Ajay and Marshall

September 4, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Fratmen Ajay and Marshall decide to beat the heat and beat their meat together. That’s not all though, they go even further to full blowjobs! We find our scorching hot fratboys Ajay and Marshall walking shirtless under the summer sun. It’s a little to intense so they retreat to the private ranch together. Their clothes a bit dirty from the [Read Full Post]

Fratmen: Muscular Eddie drops his speedos and poses nude

August 17, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Excerpt from Fratmen:  There’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a Fratmen pose in a crimson colored speedo and then again there’s nothing as satisfying as a seeing that Fratmen with the intention of unveiling what’s under his speedo. Fratmen Eddie visits us once again in an almost unrecognizable fashion with an undeniably lusting appearance. This flex pumping routine will [Read Full Post]

Fratmen: masculine hairy chested Otto

June 29, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

As he is lifting barbells in the gym Otto looks the real tough muscle man he is reported to be. Perfect muscular torso, V shaped muscular back and nicely proportioned arms and legs, that we mere mortals, could only dream of. He is a high achiever for sure. Perfectly toned but not tits on sticks like most muscle types. Dark [Read Full Post]

Fratmen Trent

May 5, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Fully naked football jock shows his fat cock! Fratmen Trent is a totally jacked football jock. His body is amazing to watch. After some time on the field, Trent retires to the locker room where he strips nude. When Trent is fully naked, we get a perfect look at every bulging muscle and his thick, fat cock. It’s a locker [Read Full Post]

Fratmen Bo

June 11, 2014 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Fratmen Bo the classic red-blond boy-next-door! Fratmen says: Fratmen Bo had a nice run at the FRATPAD, and we’re finally releasing the footage of him that made him a Fratmen in the first place. He’s a classic red-blond boy-next-door. See Fratmen Bo fully exposed here!

Fratmen Ryder

June 9, 2014 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Super sexy Fratmen Ryder close up! Fratmen says: Fratmen Ryder now in close-up and undeniably better than ever. See Fratmen Ryder fully exposed here!

Fratmen Kobe

October 22, 2012 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

An un-circumsized penis and a curvaceous backside!…. Fratmen says: Fratmen Kobe sort of reminds us of someone. Dark hair, warm brown comforting complection with a adequately framed physique. Kobe is a mix, but there is no doubt about it, Kobe, carries the characteristics of a fine latino male. Get Fratmen Kobe FULLY EXPOSED here! A large ostentatious un-circumsized penis and [Read Full Post]