Aaron Showcase at Southern Strokes

October 17, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Aaron is a freshman at Texas A&M studying Bio-Medical Chemistry or something like that….Lets just say he is not only hot, but super smart as well. He was at home visiting his parents and he jogs 5 miles every day. I literally stopped him mid-stride as he was jogging shirtless in the park. So as it turns out, this 19 [Read Full Post]

Southern Strokes – Genesis and Tony Newport

September 10, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 3

Genesis’ cock was throbbing and demanding entry into Tony’s hole! Southern Strokes says: We were hanging out at Tony Newport’s birthday party when Genesis mentioned that he and Tony have never hooked up either on film or off. It took us a while to get schedules lined up but we finally got Genesis and Tony out to the Ranch so [Read Full Post]

Abercrombie & Fitch muscle stud Corbin Case

July 25, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Corbin’s abs ripple as he jerks! Abercrombie & Fitch muscle stud Corbin Case Southern Strokes says: Corbin Case a hot straight Southern boy that loves the gym. Corbin a local Abercrombie and Fitch sales assistant is 5’10′ of pure muscle. See Corbin Case FULLY EXPOSED at Southern Strokes! This boy knows that he is hot and definitely loves to show [Read Full Post]

Cocky country boy Evan

July 9, 2013 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Ginger boy Evan strokes his thick cock! Southern Strokes says: Evan’s cock was almost fully erect when he pulled off his underwear and opened his legs getting ready to stroke his pale cock. Evan’s cock grew big and thick as Evan’s fingers found their way to his hole. See Cocky country boy Evan fully exposed here!