Spunk Worthy blowing Laird

February 3, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Laird stared at his cock as I wrapped my lips around it!…… Spunk Worthy says: Since doing the happy-ending massage video, Laird seems to be broadening his sexual horizons. Not quite 19 year old yet, that might not sound like much since almost everything is a “first” for him, but his curiosity is growing. His girlfriend still doesn’t know he’s [Read Full Post]

Spunk Worthy Anthony’s big cock massage

January 20, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I coated Anthony’s cock in massage oil and found the right pace for stroking him!…… Spunk Worthy says: Anthony did his solo way back in early-2016 and it took almost 7 months before he finally decided to take up the offer for a happy-ending massage. (For those of you following along, this was shot before the scene with his buddy, [Read Full Post]


January 19, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Baird fingers his tight straight asshole then busts a load!…… Spunk Worthy says: It’s hard to keep a horny Marine down. But really, why would you ever want to? Baird was horned up one afternoon and wanted to get off base to… well, get off. I was more than happy to see this pocket-sized hottie in front of the cameras [Read Full Post]


January 11, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Perry used his signature reverse-handed stroking style!…… Spunk Worthy says: Perry hit a little financial rough patch when he got a speeding ticket. On top of that, his GF had gone out of town for a few days so he was more than ready to bust a nut. I was glad to tell him that I could help him out [Read Full Post]

Spunkworthy Anthony and Bryson: jack off buddies

January 6, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Anthony grabbed the lube and reached over to start stroking off Bryson!…… Spunk Worthy says: Those of you who enjoy the “progression” series, seeing a straight guy go from a solo to the more interactive scenes might go a little bonkers with this one. But I like to bring something special every year for the Christmas update, so I’m breaking [Read Full Post]

Redhead Andy

December 26, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Redheaded Andy jerks his curved cock a shows off his ginger pubes!…… Spunk Worthy says: Andy is a 21 year old straight ex marine from San Diego. Andy is ginger haired from head to toe (and every crevice between as you’ll see). He’s gotten used to his military buddies’ teasing him fire crotch, day-walker. He’s heard it all, but had [Read Full Post]

Spunk Worthy Dominic’s happy ending massage

December 23, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

A finger up his ass was just the trigger to make Dominic’s cock spring to attention!…… Spunk Worthy says: Dominic was no stranger to happy-ending massages. He’d gotten a few in recent years, forking over a couple hundred bucks a pop. Those, of course, were all from women. So when he asked about doing another shoot and I dropped the [Read Full Post]

Spunkworthy Drew’s massage

December 16, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Drew screams I’m gonna fucking cum… here it comes!…… Spunk Worthy says: Drew’s only experiences with happy ending massages were limited to basically foreplay. Not that he hadn’t hoped for more when he’d gone in for a “regular” massage in the past; it just didn’t seem to be in the cards. When I told him he could get one here, [Read Full Post]

Spunkworthy blowing Thad

November 25, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Getting a happy-ending hand job was one thing Thad expected but also a man on man blowjob!…… Spunk Worthy says: It took a few weeks, but Thad’s back to get sucked off by a guy for the first time. Although he didn’t come right out and say it, I had a feeling that since his roommates all knew he’d been [Read Full Post]

Nevin, Hugh and Alec

November 19, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Nevin, Hugh and Alec strip for L.A. Pride!…… Spunk Worthy says: Nevin, Hugh and Alec headed up to the L.A. Pride festival a few weeks ago. Not missing a chance to get some video to share, of course, I had my camera ready. What happened over those 14 hours was worth recording every second. These horny guys started as they [Read Full Post]

Seth O'Malley

November 12, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Redhead Seth jerks out a huge cumshot getting cum on his ginger pubes!…… Spunk Worthy says: I met Seth O’Malley as he was walking out of one of the local gyms. Turned out that he’s a personal trainer there, and he certainly caught my eye. It was hard to miss him, standing at 6′ 2″ with a toned bod and [Read Full Post]

Spunk Worthy Jayson’s big cock massage

November 11, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Jayson’s big dick was rock hard just as soon as I pulled it from between his legs!…… Spunk Worthy says: Jayson disappeared for a while after his last shoot. I thought maybe he’d been scared off after getting an unexpected hand job at the end of it. A few weeks went by and he got in touch asking if he [Read Full Post]


November 10, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Glen dick was rock hard in a matter of seconds!…… Spunk Worthy says: As I started rubbing down Glen’s back, there seemed to be some tension, though. Some residual nerves, I imagined. When I reached between his legs and pulled his dick between them, it started swelling up, but not in full force. By the time he flipped over he [Read Full Post]