Renting his hole with Devin Totter

November 6, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Devin Totter buys a rentboy’s hole and fucks both his holes to two orgasms!…… Deviant Otter says: As you are all aware, I’m always looking for guys who want to fuck on camera from the slut apps. Usually I just meet average Joes and guys next door who want to try porn, but it’s rare when I meet an escort [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter retraining my ass hole

August 21, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I’m attempting to get my hole back into tip-top shape!…… Deviant Otter says: I am so fucking tired of construction. I don’t mind some of the eye candy, but it’s a huge cock block! I’ve had to cancel so many dudes coming over because of workers showing up unexpectedly. And I’m horniest in the mornings and that’s usually when the [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter gangbang buddies

July 24, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

After I busted my nut in him, the other guys in the house, my bud Owen and my boyfriend, needed to get their nuts off too!…… Deviant Otter says: So thank the porn gods of technology because I thought this wasn’t even recorded! Per usual I had a few drinks before turning on the camera when I was filming with [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter Cum Starved

April 17, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I really want to know what a guy’s load up my ass feels like!…… Deviant Otter says: How a hetero guy wakes up one day and all of the sudden starts to think, “I really want to know what a guy’s load up my ass feels like,” is beyond me, but damn am I glad it happens. I forget where [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter sub cub

December 5, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I just love when I get with a dude who will do anything I request!…… Deviant Otter says: Been chatting with this handsome, inked-up cub for a while on Twitter. He didn’t get to travel up north much, but now that I’m down in South Florida he happened to be in my neck of the woods. I was already a [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter Devin Totter sloppy seconds

November 1, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

My man was enjoying Owen’s hole in the sling!….. Deviant Otter says: Originally I was planning on just me and Owen going at it, but when my man see’s a hung bottom he gets laser focused and won’t be satisfied until he’s deposited his seed (which is one of the many reasons why I’m madly in love with him). So [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter Dick Hunger

October 27, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I fed him my dick and then let him suck out a nice thick load!…… Deviant Otter says: A couple weeks one of my fuck buddies from RI hit me up because he was looking for someone to drive up the highway with and fuck around at rest stops. I’ve never done anything like that, shocking I know, so I [Read Full Post]