Renting his hole with Devin Totter

November 6, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Devin Totter buys a rentboy’s hole and fucks both his holes to two orgasms!…… Deviant Otter says: As you are all aware, I’m always looking for guys who want to fuck on camera from the slut apps. Usually I just meet average Joes and guys next door who want to try porn, but it’s rare when I meet an escort [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter retraining my ass hole

August 21, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I’m attempting to get my hole back into tip-top shape!…… Deviant Otter says: I am so fucking tired of construction. I don’t mind some of the eye candy, but it’s a huge cock block! I’ve had to cancel so many dudes coming over because of workers showing up unexpectedly. And I’m horniest in the mornings and that’s usually when the [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter gangbang buddies

July 24, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

After I busted my nut in him, the other guys in the house, my bud Owen and my boyfriend, needed to get their nuts off too!…… Deviant Otter says: So thank the porn gods of technology because I thought this wasn’t even recorded! Per usual I had a few drinks before turning on the camera when I was filming with [Read Full Post]

Raw Otter Romp

April 24, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

My balls had been aching to drain a load in this hot otter again!…… Deviant Otter says: My balls had been aching to drain a load in this hot otter again since the first time we fucked in Key West last year (side note – some dude punched me in the nuts to hard the night before and gave me [Read Full Post]

Bearded bro breeding

April 24, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Ginger stud drank my piss in the bathroom stall!…… Deviant Otter says: I fucking love this dude. I’m pretty sure that we’re brothers and our parents just aren’t telling us we have a long lost sibling. Physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, etc. we are so friggin similar, its bizarre, and kind of hot in a taboo way. We’ve chatted back and [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter Cum Starved

April 17, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I really want to know what a guy’s load up my ass feels like!…… Deviant Otter says: How a hetero guy wakes up one day and all of the sudden starts to think, “I really want to know what a guy’s load up my ass feels like,” is beyond me, but damn am I glad it happens. I forget where [Read Full Post]

Human Urinal Cum Dumpster

February 6, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

We collectively pumped and dumped 5 loads into this kid!…… Deviant Otter says: I filmed this scene back in January when I was at MAL with my boyfriend. Prior to arriving this cute 18 year old fan had reached out to me on Tumblr and said he was going to MAL and was down to do a video. Normally I’m [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter Puppy Love

February 1, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

My boyfriend in Love!……. Deviant Otter says: My boyfriend and I have been together now for a year and a half now and loving each other more and more every day. Lots of guys ask me about how our relationship works because I do porn and he has a professional day job, and my response is always, it just does. [Read Full Post]

Ray Diaz and Devin Totter

January 2, 2017 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

The most aggressive power bottoms I’ve ever met!….. Deviant Otter says: Ray Diaz’s smile could light up the sky, but don’t let it fool you because he is one of the most aggressive power bottoms that Devin Totter ever met it was actually a little intimidating at first haha. See Ray Diaz and Devin Totter fucking here!  

Lowhanger Bangers

December 17, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I’m a sucker for a dude with a nice set of lowhanging balls!…… Deviant Otter says: I’m a sucker for a dude with a nice set of lowhanging balls. I met this kid a couple months ago when I stopped by my buddy Aiden’s place to pick up some weed. We got to chatting and he asked what I did [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter sub cub

December 5, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I just love when I get with a dude who will do anything I request!…… Deviant Otter says: Been chatting with this handsome, inked-up cub for a while on Twitter. He didn’t get to travel up north much, but now that I’m down in South Florida he happened to be in my neck of the woods. I was already a [Read Full Post]

Human Urinal Cum Dumpster Dom

November 10, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Bi-curious straight guy loves wife to fuck him with a strap-on dildo, he’s open minded!…… Deviant Otter says: I’ve know my buddy Dom for a few years now. We first met on a shoot for OTH. He had never been with a guy before but he wanted to make some quick cash so his buddy brought him to the shoot. [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter Devin Totter sloppy seconds

November 1, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

My man was enjoying Owen’s hole in the sling!….. Deviant Otter says: Originally I was planning on just me and Owen going at it, but when my man see’s a hung bottom he gets laser focused and won’t be satisfied until he’s deposited his seed (which is one of the many reasons why I’m madly in love with him). So [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter Dick Hunger

October 27, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I fed him my dick and then let him suck out a nice thick load!…… Deviant Otter says: A couple weeks one of my fuck buddies from RI hit me up because he was looking for someone to drive up the highway with and fuck around at rest stops. I’ve never done anything like that, shocking I know, so I [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter Something Sensual

September 27, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Savoring the sensation of his warm hole wrapped tightly around my throbbing dick!…… Deviant Otter says: This was a really interesting hookup and just a wicked intense experience for me. I had originally found this guy back when Vine allowed adult content. I was obsessed with his edgy look and a dick so big he could suck it. I would [Read Full Post]

Monster Cock

September 10, 2016 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

Massive dick swallower!…… Deviant Otter says: I’ve been trying to get this guy on camera for months because he has one the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen on a white dude. We met at a Manhunt pool party back in the summer, I’m pretty sure it was the same one that Jizz Filled Cum Whore was at. Anyway, me and [Read Full Post]

Deviant Otter, Max Cameron and Bravo threesome

January 15, 2015 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I’ve never flip flopped so much in a threesome and it was awesome!…… Deviant Otter says: So I fucking love Twitter. Its basically the best tool to sexually harass pornstars and woofy guys publicly. I kinda hated using it at first because I didn’t understand it, but it was an awesome way to connect with men who I have crushes [Read Full Post]

All Bottom Swagger

November 20, 2014 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

I would gladly pound out his hole!…… Deviant Otter says: I met this fine ass dude about a month ago when I was having drinks with some buddies at one of our regular hangouts. I was eye fucking this dude hard from across the bar all night. He just had this swagger and confidence about him that kept drawing me [Read Full Post]

Modern day phone sex

August 14, 2014 Gay Boy Porn Star Fan 0

With dildo up my ass i hit FaceTime with my hot otter buddy of mine from Virginia!…… Deviant Otter says: When I’m bored and horny I break out my camera so I have a lot of extra footage that I usually can’t use in my monthly updates. A few months back I was just planning on filming me putting a [Read Full Post]