Young Czech boy Tom Bartos stripped sucked and fucked

Bentley Race says: I get to meet some amazing guys whenever I go travelling. Last month in Munich I got to meet up with 22 year old Tom Bartos from Prague.

I had been chatting with Tom online for a while before we arrived in Germany. He changed this plans around to come to Munich early to meet me.

I quickly spotted him in the lobby of my hotel and whisked him quickly back to my room. The first thing I noticed about Tom was his good looks.

And the next was how outstandingly polite he is. The funny thing was that I did not understand a word of Czech and he didn’t understand much English.

So okay this was going to be an interesting shoot. Luckily there was not much talking to be done once the photos were over.

Tom asked if he could kiss me, and that started one of the hottest sex scenes of the whole trip. I definitely can’t resist a chunky blond muscle boy.

And when Tom rolled over to show me that big round bum in his jockstrap, I knew it would be long before my face would be planted in there. Tom is a totally sweet guy.

I really wish I had been in town longer to hang out with him. I’m sure we’ll keep in touch and get together again sometime. In the meantime you can enjoy the photos and videos that Tom and I made that morning in Munich.

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2 months ago

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