January 23, 2022

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Bi-sexual 24 year old army veteran JT Scott wants Erik West

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Now JT Scott wants to try a guy he never did it with a guy before!

Straight Rent Boys says: JT Scott is a 24 year old army veteran, serving for four years in Afghanistan. While there, he got his Civil Engineering degree. Now he wants to try a guy; he’s bisexual, but has never been with a guy.

He has, from a young age, always had an eye for the boys, too. Since JT is into guys, I figure we can put him on the “fast track” of renting and have another model suck his dick; I had no idea JT would be so “open to new things,” or that he would do so well.

As he strips, he says he’s: 6′, wears a 12 size shoe and is 7″ cut. JT sits back down and in walks Erik West. JT’s dick goes straight up and when I ask Erik to suck it, Erik blushes and says, “if you insist.” Within seconds, I think JT has found his “happy place.”

I ask him if Erik’s doing a good job. JT responds that, “it feels fucking great; better than a girl.” And when I tell Erik JT’s a serviceman, he jokes, “I love supporting our troops.” Getting back to sucking, Erik goes all the way down, commenting that, “I haven’t had lunch.”

JT, I notice is getting flush and panting so I suggest he try sucking Erik’s dick, “sure” replies JT, quickly. Erik undresses down to the blue underwear one of our members bought; ‘thanks Beth.’ He then rubs on himself, while still orally pleasuring JT.

I tell JT to do a reach around on Erik. Within a few minutes, JT’s getting close so I tell him to suck Erik. Now we all know how hot Erik is, but when I tell JT to suck Erik, JT jumps off the futon so quickly I can hardly follow with my camera.

JT’s lips lock tight around Erik’s cock and I don’t think I saw one inch of it for a while; JT finally comes up for air and sucks the tip while stroking the shaft.

I just smile and film; JT’s first experience with a cock is a success and tasty to from what I hear. Erik moans, “it feels really good.” Working into a 69, both these boys are very aroused and enjoying the action.

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