July 28, 2021

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Big thick dick Mike Loon rims Slavo Koco and fucks his boy hole deep

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Male Digital says: Big thick dick, ass eating and hot ass fucking are the order of the day. Slavo Koco and big thick dick Mike Loon star in this tale of massive monster meat sticks. The kind you don`t have to measure to know they are gonna measure up. But if you are curious, break out the tape measure, a long one. It`s a size queen`s dream.

Shaved skinhead Mike with the sexy goatee beard spits on hot young twink Slavo’s pink hole then licks his ass crack with his inquisitive tongue. Mike’s stubbly beard itches against Slavo’s smooth ass cheeks with each up and down stroke. Slavo a young boy with bleached blond hair, an eyelid piercing and diamante stud earings lies back on the bench press machine with his feet in the air, savouring the anal action.

Mike with striped tattoos down his arms, grasps his ass cheeks tightly aiming his tongue deep in the young boys butt hole. Wetting it now and again with his saliva. All the time Mike jerks his own hard dick getting it ready for Slavo’s tight boy hole.

Then without removing his pale blue Diesel underwear Mike turns Slavo around pressing him up against the back of the bench press seat and plunges his rock hard cock deep inside, with hard awkward pumps. Slavo remains mostly quiet only letting out very low moans of ectasy as Mike’s cock hits the spot time and time again. Slavo braces himself managing to take Mike’s huge cock. Get this video at Male Digital!


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