September 22, 2021

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Like Em Straight Hamilton gets his ass rimmed by Brendon

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Like Em Straight says: If you’re wondering what is different about Hamilton from all the other guys that cross Brendon’s threshold, you might start by noticing he hasn’t a single tattoo. In these modern times, that speaks of a man who charts his own path.

This renaissance man traveled from the mid-west to the land of opportunity (on a bicycle judging from his legs) looking to stake his claim in California. There may not be gold in them thar hills, but there is silver on his front tooth.

In this re-visit, Hamilton is open to Brendon’s advances, moaning when the older man eats his ass, closing his eyes in bliss while he receives a blow job, and writhing on the couch in ecstasy till he practically levitates during orgasm.

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Like Em Straight gets a 4 star rating at My Gay Porn List
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