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Moments after posting a dating profile online he gets a hot new match.

He’s super intrigued to read about Brock Banks and, in spite of the bad luck signs that pop up along the way, he is excited to arrange a hot late-night meet-up the same evening.

But Tayte gets a huge surprise when he meets up with Brock who is dressed in drag.

Brock has managed to get himself locked out of his own apartment so Tayte offers him to come home with him and on the way home he finds out that they both share a ton of bad luck in life. read more

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Tayte continues filming a movie of the latest flop of his dating history a potentially easy hookup with Angel.

As Tayte walks through the door he finds that Angel is already busy with Roman. An inconvenient double booking.

Angel decides to let chance choose as he flips a coin. We can guess how Tayte fares so he leaves straight away.

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It’s not long before Dante is shirtless and standing at the edge of the tub with Tannor is sucking him to hardness.

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